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1904 Louis Schwab sets up an alarm clock manufactory in Moutier, in the Swiss Jura.

1918 Launch of the highly successful alarm clock.

1935 Death of Louis Schwab. The firm becomes a corporation and is taken over by the next generation, Pierre Schwab Sr. and his brothers. Registration of the SWIZA name.

1959 Launch of the 8-day mechanical movement, leading to considerable expansion of the company.

1965 Opening of a modern factory in Delemont in the Swiss Jura.

1976 Launch of the first quartz alarm clocks and clocks.

1979 Pierre Schwab Jr. becomes the company's director, representing the 3rd generation of the founding family.

1981 New factory constructed in Delemont and introduction of numerically controlled machines.

1984 To celebrate its 80th anniversary, SWIZA launches: its own Swiss Made quartz movement and an 8-day mechanical baguette movement, with luxury finishing.

1989 Enlargement of the factory and reorganization of production units.

1991 SWIZA takes over MATTHEW NORMAN, a respected Swiss manufacturer of luxury mechanical carriage clocks, therby acquiring a second flagship brand.

1997 Further expansion with two exciting innovations: a new Swiza Swiss made quartz movement.

1999 Time to wake up! For the first time in its long history, SWIZA makes an alarm for the wrist : its first ever alarm-watch.

2004 100 years in the service of high-quality Swiss watchmaking: whether under its own SWIZA and MATTHEW NORMAN˙ brand names, or under private label for prestigious companies, SWIZA is a truly trustworthy partner.